Denver, Colorado


A Night of Photos and Burgers

Tonight I had lunch with a good friend of mine. We decided to go to the new burger place that just opened earlier this week on Broadway and 12th. Located in downtown Denver, named BurgerFi, the concept is that they serve only natural and organic food choices. They also serve wine and beer. This was the spot that was chosen for our lively conversation about the photos he commissioned me to create for his office. Sam is a man who enjoys his snowboarding, and misses it terribly during the summer. He is in the Army, so it is a good release from his daily life. Sam wants at least four photographs that depict people who are missing winter, and continually hear the call of the mountain. I am looking into visiting Breckenridge, with a friend of mine who owns a home up there, and see if the resort will let me take some images on their grounds. One image I would like to make, would involve the chairlift. I would have the model in full gear, in the middle of the summer. It was a night filled with brilliant ideas, while enjoying the healthiest burgers, if there are such creatures, that you can find.

Makenzie GrallComment