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             A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get the pleasure of working with a good friend of mine for his album cover art. Malcolm is a very talented man, who works in the world of R&B music. He is an up and coming artist who is based in Colorado Springs. His new single will be released here soon. The new song is smooth, sultry, warm, and sexy. I highly encourage you to check out Malcolm King, and his music. Yellow flowers were the main ingredient for his session. Petals cascade around him, and he holds on to that one special rose, for that one special lady. This was the first option for his cover, but we ended up holding another session that ended up as portrait that was simpler, and more about Malcolm himself. I wanted to share this image with you though, just because it was such a joy to create.

You can check in on Malcolm on his agent's website visit his Facebook Page at

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