Denver, Colorado


Street Photography

Over time there have been so many great street photographers. From the likes of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Eugene Atget, Lee Friedlander, and Gary Winnogrand, came beautiful works of art that captured the beauty of life in both simplicity and grand elegance combined. Now, in no way would I venture to compare my work to any of theirs, but I do enjoy participating in the art form itself. Most of the time, if I care to try my hand a street photography, I tend to go out and make images with my cell phone. The image quality may be reduced, but I find myself being placed into more natural compositions, rather than having the subject matter wondering why I am pointing a huge DSLR in their general direction. On this rare occasion, however, I found myself at the Olympic kick off in Colorado Springs a few years back. I was covering the event for school, when I came across these two children, and their dog outside a cafe. The scene was appealing to me because of the removed sense that the children had from the rest of the group. Most children I know tend to hate being placed at the "kids' table"; I know I did. These children perpetuate that persona, but with a little less whining because of the company they keep. Mister Golden Retriever is a brand new puppy, and they are so happy to have a furry companion to join in their isolation. The social norms presented in this moment are what made this whole image mean something a little bit more to me. So, one of my first ever attempts at the street photography aesthetic, I hope you enjoy it.

Makenzie GrallComment