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Top 5 Wedding Faux Pas (In My Opinion)

1. Hiring More Than One Photographer- It may sound impossible, but I have come into contact with this unfortunate circumstance before. If you know that you want to have different vantage points in your images, make sure to hire a photographer who will bring a team of people with them, that they have personally selected, and know that they work well with. The man I found myself competing for the attention of the Bride and Groom with was very difficult to work with. When I realized, the day of the wedding, that I was to have another person photographing along side me, I tried to take the opportunity to make the most circumstances. Despite my best efforts, a civil relationship was not reachable; I spent the rest of the evening fighting to make sure that my shots remained mine, and that I completed my job to the best of my ability.

2. Selfishness-  Sometimes there are parents, friends, or other members of the family that do not quite understand that the wedding day is about the Bride and Groom, not them and their desires. Make sure that you take a step back if you start to feel too engrossed in the Lime Light. On the other side of things, be on the look out for those other individuals who are getting themselves into this position, take them aside, and explain gently to them that, maybe, they should try to think about the consequences of their words and actions.

3. Drunkenness- Most weddings have alcohol served at the reception. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting a little relaxed and having a good time, but there is a line. The Bride and Groom have expelled copious amounts of time, money, and effort into making sure that this day goes perfectly, but there is always the chance of one person ruining it. From the best man delivering a slurred speech, with parts he may not have intended to add in originally, dancing escapades gone horribly wrong, or having to clean up the mess someone left behind, there are countless events that could turn bad in an instant. Make sure the line is clearly in sight.

4. Semi-Permanent Significant Others- Too many times are the feelings hurt of boyfriends, or girlfriends, of the immediate family members because they are not wanted in all of the family portraits. Even if they have been with this person for quite some time, there is always a chance of the relationship not lasting, and you do not want to have that person permanently fixed, as a bad reminder, in all of your family wedding group portraits.

5. Cell Phones- My biggest irritation at weddings are the people who do not let me do my job to the best of my ability. I know that people who attend weddings want to have images for themselves, to remember that day. This is my plead to keep your cell phones put away during the wedding ceremony. Inconsiderate is the choice word I would use to describe the very moment that a cell phone is removed from its hiding place, and inserted into my potential image. The Bride and Groom are paying me to make beautiful images of their big day, and they do not want to see your arm in the air, or the aisle, with your cell phone. Please keep them hidden, until the very last person in the wedding party has exited the room.

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