Denver, Colorado


Kenzie & Kuro at your service! Well, unfortunately he will probably stay home, but I like to show off my handsome man to the world! He really makes my day more entertaining, to say the least. There is nothing quite like the love between us and our pets. They may only be here for a short while, but they make an enormous impact, if we let them.

That is why I believe in never taking anything for granted, that you should always choose the crazy lip color, and that mistakes only help us grow into the people we needed to become. Positivity and love is the motto I live by. Im big into making jokes, and having a good time. So, if we work together I want you to know a couple of things:

1. I believe that being professional does NOT mean death to fun!

2. And, that no matter what we are shooting that day, I will put in my heart and soul into my work for you.